Keep Mice Out of Your Warehouse

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When your facility is overrun by vermin, call on Pest Patrol LLC for industrial pest control services.

Rats and mice are far from harmless. They can chew through electrical wiring and contaminate surfaces. Fortunately, our pest control team can trap and remove rodents to keep your warehouse or factory free of pests.

When you sign an industrial pest control contract, we will:

  • Inspect your building for pests on a monthly basis
  • Install bait stations to trap mice and rats
  • Block entry points to keep pests out

Contact us right away with any questions about our industrial pest control services.

4 good reasons to hire a qualified pest control company

4 good reasons to hire a qualified pest control company

Pest Patrol has experience removing insects and rodents from warehouses, manufacturing plants, refrigerated facilities and telecom centers. You should hire our professional pest control company because:

  • We don't overuse pesticides
  • We use safe and effective chemicals
  • We eliminate infestations quickly and efficiently
  • We'll explain ways to prevent future infestations

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